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About Divine Dips

About Divine Dips

Divine Musings

What is it that makes ice cream . . . ice cream?

Is it the rich, creamy texture that fills your senses? Is it the full, fun flavors that tickle your tastebuds? Or is it the satisfying afterglow of having indulged in a sumptuous treat?

After years of hands-on “research” (well, someone had to do it . . .),we’ve come to the conclusion: it’s all three. A creamy mouth-feel; tantalizing flavors; and the sweet-tooth satisfaction you get from a delightfully indulgent treat.

Maybe you thought you would never be able to experience this with a vegan ice cream. Think again!

Divine Dips Vegan Ice Crème embodies the creamy richness, flavor and texture of traditional ice cream, without the drawbacks of dairy!

We’ve tried the non-dairy alternatives, and we weren’t satisfied. We wanted a vegan ice cream that tasted, melted, and felt like “real” (dairy) ice cream.

Divine Dips is skillfully crafted from a blend of organic coconut milk, cashews, nut milks, and other all-natural ingredients. Through our own special brand of artisanal alchemy, the result is a luscious frozen dessert that rivals premium ice creams.

Divine Dips contains no dairy or gluten. It’s sweetened with agave nectar, a low glycemic sweetener, providing just the right amount of sweetness without spiking blood sugar.

Not just for vegans — anyone who enjoys richly indulgent frozen desserts will crave ‘a Dip of the Divine!’

So say goodbye to icy, bland, dairy-free ice cream concoctions and say hello to Divine Dips Vegan Ice Crème: Ice cream… redefined.

Go ahead . . . take a Dip!

Our Mission

Divine Dips seeks to raise public awareness to the reality that dairy-free and gluten-free does not have to equal flavor free. You can have all of the perks of ice cream, while enjoying a more health conscious, earth-friendly, dairy-free indulgence. With our product innovations, vegan/gluten-free takes on a whole new meaning. In short, Divine Dips is changing the paradigm of non-dairy frozen dessert.