Kiwi Passion-One 4 the Planet


KIWI PASSION: A flavor inspired by Real Events…

Every now and then an event occurs that, even if it’s half a world away,  hits home. You feel moved to do something by the selfless actions of others.  One of those things happened last February, 2012,  in Wellington, New Zealand.

Organized by Greenpeace, seven New Zealanders (“Kiwis”)  occupied an oil ship for 4 days (!) to protest Arctic drilling by Shell. They stood up for the oceans, and in turn, a multinational oil company stood down.   They demonstrated that we all can make a difference.

(photo courtesy of Greenpeace)

Their passion and commitment was the inspiration for Divine Dips® Kiwi Passion Ice Crème. Made with real Passionfruit and Kiwi, and specked with here and there Kiwi seeds.

A creamy concoction that’s both tangy and tropical, Kiwi Passion is more than a mouthful– a portion of proceeds goes towards Greenpeace causes.

Kiwi Passion is available exclusively at PLATE Malibu, but will hopefully soon be in pints. Thank you Kiwis, for your courage, determination, and Divine inspiration!

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