New Flavor at Charm Vegan!


That’s right, there’s a new Divine Dips offering!

How it all happened: one day, yours truly, the mad scientist was trying out an idea. I was thinking of how much I love the flavor of Thai Iced Tea.  That strong, aromatic brew topped off with super sweet cream or condensed milk.  For those of you who frequent Thai restaurants, you know what I’m talking about…

It seemed to me that the taste combination would work well as a “Divine” flavor, with coconut milk being a wonderful complement to the smoky thai tea flavors, so I tried the idea out.

Rachel, the intrepid rep and super scooper took the “experiment” with her to a new client meeting and 2 hours later…

Thai Tea Ice Crème is now exclusively available at CHARM VEGAN Extraordinary Thai Cuisine.  Located in gorgeous South Pasadena, this restaurant is wonderful.  My favorite dish so far: the Green Curry, with brown rice on the side.

Stop by and give them, and our newest creation, a try!

CHARM VEGAN Extraordinary Thai
711 Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena, CA  91030

phone: (626) 441-2484

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